In Loving Memory of Tread

Tread; A Real Canine Super Star!

It’s with very heavy hearts the team at Van Isle Veterinary Hospital says goodbye to one of their own, a true hero of a dog, Tread. 

After 8 years of donating blood to help save the lives of so many others, Tread peacefully crossed over the Rainbow Bridge with his loving family at his side.

Tread was known by so many as your typical, ball obsessed, water loving, sweet black lab cross. However, Tread was not just your average run of the mill dog; he was a universal blood donor. A life saver! Over the past 8 years, Tread donated blood 15 times to help other pet’s and their families that loved them.  Tread was always happy to help and when called upon in an emergency, would prance through the door, lay calm and still (with the occasional tail wag) on the exam room table and gave his gift of life. Typically, almost all donor dogs need to be sedated as it is vital they stay very still and stress-free during the collection process. Not Tread, he was such an amazing boy and knew exactly what to do while his “mom” placed the needle to start the process. All he ever asked for in return was a handful of treats and a pat on the head when it was over.

Tread first came to Van Isle Vet 10 years ago, when he was brought in by the SPCA who found him lying in a ditch. He had been hit by a car and suffering from multiple fractures to the pelvis.  Luckily, fate was in Tread’s favour that day because it was Dr. Mireille de Winter who took on the case and had the pleasure of looking after him.   He spent a week in the hospital before it became clear that his owner was not coming back to take him home. Dr. de Winter couldn’t bear to part with him and thus Tread became the newest member of the de Winter Family.

Tread was fortunate to be given a second chance at life and due to his superstar personality and ability to help others, being that he was a universal donor; it was through this second chance that he was able to “pay it forward” and give the same gift to so many other dogs.  He was truly a special dog and will be missed, but forever remembered through the happy tales of so many other wonderful pets.  Thank you Tread! It’s time now to rest, your amazing journey and job is over. May many happy dogs find you on the other side of the rainbow bridge, they’ll sure be lucky to have you.

Photo credit to Rachel Hughes of Dog Days Photography. Her Facebook page is @dogdaysphotography.

Submitted by Van Isle Veterinary Hospital

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