Jo Thomas

I started working at Van Isle Veterinary Hospital in 2006. My first ever pet was Candy, a yellow Labrador, who was a gift to me to help overcome my fear of dogs. My favourite thing about the clinic is the busy, friendly buzz of the reception area and getting to know our clients and their pets. No two days here are ever the same, so life is never dull. I have now been cut off from getting any more pets (who knew that three horses, four dogs and four cats would be considered "too many?").
Staff's really helpful and welcoming. They have a beautiful building. If I had one complaint they're almost too busy. Can…

Chubb Rock

Very spacious lobby with beautiful wood accents. The lady at the reception desk was very helpful and seemed to genuinely…

Judy Bood

Great, knowledgable, gentle, friendly staff. They genuinely care for your fur babies and it shows. I trust my cat and…

Curt Carbonell

They were accommodating and helpful assisting me with a pet that I was looking after for somebody. They made…

Darin Darin


Over Excitement and Exercise

Often when we see a very active dog that has an open mouth “grin” on their face, tongue hanging out, running about with owners in tow, we think “now there’s a happy dog!”

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