Monica Parkin 

ICSB Technician
Monica has been working at Van Isle Veterinary Hospital since 2009 when she and Dr. Bruce Renooy first started ICSB Vancouver Island. Van Isle Veterinary Hospital is the only licensed ICSB (International Canine Semen Bank) facility on Vancouver Island. Monica’s specialized training and licensing provide us with access to the technology for the collection, freezing and storage of canine semen in liquid nitrogen indefinitely, as well as providing access to the licensed semen extenders and diluents from ICSB. Monica is also a breeder and understands the time-sensitive and unpredictable nature of breeding. She is available almost any day by appointment, and also offers in-house progesterone testing, incoming and outgoing semen shipping and artificial insemination services. For more information, you can also visit the ICSB website here.
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Chubb Rock

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Judy Bood

Great, knowledgable, gentle, friendly staff. They genuinely care for your fur babies and it shows. I trust my cat and…

Curt Carbonell

They were accommodating and helpful assisting me with a pet that I was looking after for somebody. They made…

Darin Darin


Over Excitement and Exercise

Often when we see a very active dog that has an open mouth “grin” on their face, tongue hanging out, running about with owners in tow, we think “now there’s a happy dog!”

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