Natasha Newton

I started working at Van Isle Veterinary Hospital in 2011. The first pet I ever had was named Cujo. My favourite thing about the clinic is that I like my co-workers and we are all very good at keeping a sense of humour, regardless of the hectic pace of the day. We’re a real team and are supportive of each other! What I love about what I do is that every day is something a little different.
Pricey but take very good care of your animals. Had major surgery done to one of my dogs and they…

Dave Copeland

November 15th we had our dog Hudson euthanized. Dr Davenport & Amy (Hudson's rehab physio/massage therapist) came to…

Martin Blackwell

Awesome staff and very knowledgeable. I take both my cats and dog here. My dog usually hates vets but was…

Fåtes Call

This place is the best!!!! Dr. Judy Mcfarland is amazing!!!! The staff are so friendly and knowledgeable.…

Calista Lockheart

Excellent, warm hearted, helpful front desk assistants. Plus it is staffed with equally as nice, dedicated & insightful…

Anne Chorneyko


Why Does My Dog Shake?

Dogs may shake for many reasons.

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