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What is the Deal with Anal Glands?

Based on the name alone, anal sacs (more commonly known as anal glands) may not be something you want to know much about. But at some point, in most dogs’ lives (and some cat’s), they may need their anal sacs expressed. So as pet owners it is a good idea to have a general knowledge […]

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Recognizing Signs of Kidney Disease In Your Pet

A common question we get asked here at Van Isle Veterinary Hospital when it comes to an ageing pet is: When do we need to be concerned about kidney disease? The early stages of kidney disease can be difficult to detect and the age in which this can occur varies pet to pet, breed to […]

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Biking and Running With Your Canine Companion

Did you know that dog owners exercise on average 300 minutes per week compared to non-dog owners who exercise only 186 minutes per week? Thankfully, living on beautiful Vancouver Island, we can get outside and exercise pretty much 12 months of the year! Don’t let the threat of winter slow you down! Now is as […]

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What Happens After I Drop My Pet Off For Surgery?

Almost every pet receives an anesthetic at least once in its lifetime. Whether as a puppy or kitten is to be spayed or neutered or later in life due to an injury or illness; the thought of having your cherished companion under a general anesthetic can be worrisome for many pet owners.

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Allergy Diets and Your Pet

  For anyone who has ever experienced a pet with food allergies, you know just how frustrating it can be to find the right diet to suit your pet’s needs. At Van Isle Veterinary Hospital, we often ask our clients to start their pet on a “Food Elimination Trial” to narrow down the cause of […]

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Over Excitement and Exercise

Often when we see a very active dog that has an open mouth “grin” on their face, tongue hanging out, running about with owners in tow, we think “now there’s a happy dog!”

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