Laser Therapy and Rehabilitation for Dogs

Van Isle Veterinary Hospital is excited to offer our clients rehabilitation and laser therapy services for your pets. Amy Granacki, RVT, CCRP (Certified Canine Rehabilitation Program) has been passionate in animal rehabilitation for the past 10 years and has spent the better part of her career as a registered veterinary technician, training to get to where she is today. Amy spent two and a half years completing the certified canine rehabilitation program through the University of Tennessee and is passionate about working with our team of veterinarians. All patients that join into our rehabilitation program must be diagnosed by their veterinarian as to the area(s) of concern before their initial rehab consult. Together, Amy and your veterinarian will come up with an appropriate program that best suits your pet’s needs. We feel that rehabilitation takes a team approach and we tailor each program to your pet’s lifestyle, as well as their “job.” Designing a program to meet a pet’s needs while considering owner’s lifestyle and abilities are one of the most important aspects of the program and its success.

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How can rehabilitation benefit my dog?

Pet rehabilitation can be used to help dogs in many different ways; whether it be due to an acute injury or to help treat the symptoms of aging. Typical conditions that benefit from rehabilitation are neurological disorders, orthopedic disorders, postoperative pain management and recovery, geriatric pain and arthritis, correcting weak or stiff areas and for conditioning athletes/working dogs. Pet rehabilitation can also improve biomechanics and flexibility of a dog’s body and can reduce pain allowing them to move more confidently. Physical rehabilitation is non-invasive and can make a significant difference in your pet’s temperament. Pet rehabilitation includes many forms of therapies including massage, passive range of motion, active range of motion, exercises and laser therapy.

What are some of the conditions that therapeutic lasers are used for?

Therapeutic laser therapy is a non-invasive, pain free, sound free modality used to decrease pain and inflammation, increase circulation and aid in healing. Laser therapy can be used to control both chronic aches from arthritis, as well as pain and inflammation post-surgery. Pain management post-cruciate ligament repair is a great application for laser therapy in dogs.

What kind of lasers are used on pets, are they dangerous for dogs?

Here at Van Isle Veterinary, we use a class four, low level, cold light laser. Laser therapy is the application of a coherent light which consists of multiple light waves in which all waves support one another. Laser therapy is a safe, holistic, non-invasive, pain-free way to treat and manage many different conditions. Our technician is trained in the safe handling and use of our laser and safety protocols are followed (such as eye protection for pets and humans) during every treatment.

How does laser therapy work and what are the benefits? Are there any side effects?

Laser therapy works by using a beam of light to stimulate the cells and tissue to be healthy. It also reduces inflammation for healing to begin and is a great tool for minimizing pain from chronic conditions such as arthritis. The time of each application depends on how chronic the condition is and the depth in which the laser needs to reach to be effective. A typical treatment of a single area is between 2-10 minutes. During the laser process, your dog may feel a slight tingling as the light enters the tissues but this is minimal if at all and is typically a pain-free, relaxing experience. We find that after just a couple sessions with our rehabilitation technician, dogs come charging through the doors to greet her!

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