Being a Vet Assistant

Here at Van Isle Veterinary Hospital, we provide a broad spectrum of treatments and procedures. On average, between our veterinarians and animal health technicians, we treat over 85 patients per day. Within our facility, we have a double surgical suite operating room, dental centre, digital x-ray and ultrasound services, endoscopy, large treatment area, pharmacy, in-house laboratory, rehab facility, and cat and dog wards.

Jodi Puppy

We are here for our clients seven days a week, working late into the evenings Monday to Friday. For a facility such as this to operate efficiently and effectively while maintaining quality care to each patient, we have a large and talented team of individuals running the show. Among these individuals, are crucial (and often unseen) group of individuals. These are our fantastic Vet Assistants.


The role of being a vet assistant is a complex and essential part of our business, and we’d like to take this opportunity to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to these truly special team members. These are the people who are hands-on with your beloved companion when they are admitted or taken to our treatment area and make sure your pet gets that extra belly rub or scratch behind the ears they need while in our care.

Andy Beau

Often our assistants are referred to as ‘runners’ because as the name indicates, these staff members are often running to help whomever, wherever and whenever needed. They do the unsung tasks that are sometimes overlooked, but so key to the successful operation of our hospital. The role of the vet assistant includes euthanasia, overall hospital cleaning, keeping up with laundry, equipment maintenance, surgical instrument sterilization, cleaning kennels, walking, feeding, making sure our patients have access to fresh water, handling pets appropriately so our veterinarians and technicians can safely perform their treatments, assisting with surgical procedures, blood draws, and did we mention all that laundry?!


At Van Isle Veterinary we are lucky enough to have a team of more than ten people who take on this important role and are dedicated to the care of your pets and the efficient operation of our hospital. If you think you have what it takes to be an amazing vet assistant or would like more information on the role, contact your local veterinary hospital for valuable resources and advice.

We LOVE our Vet Assistants… We sure wouldn’t last a day without you!

Written by: Van Isle Veterinary Hospital