Halloween Is Just Around the Corner, Are You “Pet Ready” for the Big Night?

This Halloween, we want to make sure your pets have a safe and fun evening. Here are a few simple tips to help get you through the night!

Keep your pets indoors – The streets can be a scary place for your pet on Halloween night. Try keeping your pet in a secured room, in a cozy bed with the radio on to help alleviate any anxiety. Cats are at a much higher risk of getting hit by vehicles on Halloween night while spooked and running away from ghosts and goblins. Drivers can also become distracted while admiring costumes and paying close attention to the kids on the sidewalks.

Be ready at the door – Ringing doorbells and all that knocking can send your pet through the roof on a calm day, let alone multiple times in a single night! By staying close to the door, you can greet many young, excited trick or treaters before they reach the doorbell.

Hide the treats! – Many Halloween goodies can be toxic to our pets. Ensure all candy, chocolate, chips and toys are up high and out of reach.

Keep costumes safe – It can be fun dressing up our pets this time of year. There is nothing cuter than a pug in a bumblebee costume or a Tinkerbelle English Mastiff! However, be mindful of your pet and make sure they actually like to dress up. Our fun should never be at the expense of our pet’s comfort and safety. Pets can overheat, become entangled, and even ingest pieces of their costumes which can have a negative consequence.

Avoid Burns – Be careful around jack-o-lanterns, bonfires and sparklers. This is not only frightening for most pets but can cause burns if your pet gets too close. It is especially dangerous when your pet is in costume and is less familiar with their immediate surroundings.

Written by: Van Isle Veterinary Hospital