The Oscar Fund – A Valentine’s Story!

Meet Loki! Loki is a two-year-old, sweetheart of a dog that came to us quite ill the day after Valentine’s Day.

Upon examination, Dr. Alex Muzzin knew that Loki required immediate abdominal surgery. It was quite clear that Loki had a possible blockage or internal abscess which was causing him to go downhill quite rapidly. Being so young and with a history of good health, Loki had a great prognosis for a healthy recovery after surgery. Due to the costs associated with his surgery and the need for immediate care, Loki’s family was faced with a difficult decision.

Loki’s heartwarming charm and personality not only won over his family’s hearts, but our entire team wanted to give Loki a chance at a long, happy, healthy life. So the Oscar Fund was there to help! Due to recent donations and the sale of our Oscar Bars, we were able to help cover some of the costs for Loki’s surgery. Two days later this beautiful boy returned home to his loving family. What a special Valentine’s gift!

oscar fund

Thanks to the community’s love of our Hot Chocolates, Oscar Bars and the continued support of our special, little fund we can continue to help pets and their families in the Comox Valley!

Submitted by Candice Pacholuk – Van Isle Veterinary Hospital