Referring Veterinarians

Dr. Judy McFarlen is excited to offer her ultrasound referral services to all the veterinary practices in the Comox Valley and beyond.

Believing every sick creature deserves a helping “probe” and a chance at a healthier, happier life; Dr. McFarlen recognizes the invaluable role of ultrasound, canine heart disease, diagnostic sampling, disease staging, feline heart disease, emergency veterinary services, and overall patient care. During a distinguished career spanning 30 years, she has developed an exceptional ability to discern even the most minor details, providing invaluable insights for medical management. Her expertise allows for early detection and treatment of heart disease, leading to better prognoses and improved outcomes. Her unique skill set is further enhanced by six years of experience as a Mobile Sonographer and Veterinarian, handling a gruelling volume of 40-60 scans weekly, surpassing the typical workload of clinic-based scanners.

In April 2023, Dr. McFarlen completed her certification in the Sonographic Diagnostic Efficiency Protocol (SDEP) ECHO for ultrasound by Sonopath.

“Certification for the Sonographic Diagnostic Efficiency Protocol (SDEP®) is awarded to the sonographer with the highest level of sonographic image capture skills (still & video), combined with the most diagnostically efficient manner of obtaining those images as well as the ability to verbalize key points of the SDEP® protocol… To become certified in the SDEP® Protocol means working towards excellence, an educational process that takes time and hard work.”

– Sonopath

Looking to the future, Dr. McFarlen intends to improve access to essential services for animals and assist colleagues in managing cases that require ultrasound. With her dedication to mentoring fellow veterinarians, she is keen to start the next phase, which will include in-house and external educational services as well as peer and client-based educational videos, focusing on ultrasound and cardiology.

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