X-Ray and Ultrasound for Cats

At Van Isle Veterinary Hospital, we are pleased to offer multiple imaging and diagnostic services such as ultrasound, endoscopy and digital x-ray. Our digital x-ray is one of our most used and relied upon diagnostic tools. There are multiple advantages to digital x-ray such as their efficiency and reduced time to acquire images, which can mean less stress for your cat. Images can also be modified and enhanced using computer software for better diagnostics and emailed in a timely manner to specialists for advanced interpretation. Our digital images can be reviewed in just about every room of the hospital within a matter of minutes. The ultrasound in another valuable diagnostic tool which is a non-invasive, pain free procedure. ultrasounds allow us to examine the architecture of internal organs in more detail then an x-ray and is most often used for abdominal scans to detect fluid or abnormalities of the organs, for pregnancy confirmation, detect urinary bladder diseases or soft tissue mass examination.

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What is the technology used?

All of our radiography is performed with computer-generated imaging. The form that we use is the most direct form of imaging and is known as DR. The images are received by a digital plate in the x-ray machine, which immediately sends the information to a computer which converts it to a digital image on a computer screen. This image is available within seconds and can be viewed on all 27 work stations within the hospital. Digital images can be used to detect broken bones, soft tissue injuries, pregnancies, foreign bodies and growths or abnormalities in the body cavity such as an enlarged heart, lung issues or abnormal organs.

Does the clinic also do feline dental x-rays?

Yes, at Van Isle Veterinary Hospital we are pleased to offer feline digital dental x-rays. Dental x-rays are useful tools to detect otherwise unseen decay and disease below the gumline.

How much does it cost for feline x-rays?

The cost of digital x-rays can vary depending on what kind of images are being captured and why. As we offer a wide range of services with our digital x-ray it is best to call the hospital to obtain an accurate quote. Sometimes we may also need to refer your cat’s x-rays to a specialist for further interpretation, which can also affect the cost. Please give our hospital a call at 250-334-8400 for more information.

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