Heartworm Test

Living on Vancouver Island comes with many perks, one of those perks is not having to worry about heartworm infestations without pets. That being said, there are still areas within BC where heartworm is prevalent. You should always discuss heartworm with your veterinarian if travelling with your pet; especially if you plan on escaping south of the border this winter!

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What are the symptoms of heartworms in a dog?

Although we do not see incidences of heartworm here on Vancouver Island, symptoms would include a chronic cough along with exercise intolerance and is typically associated with a history of travelling.

How do dogs get heartworm?

Dogs can contract heartworm from mosquitos which have taken a blood meal from an already infected dog.

What are the treatment options for Heartworms?

The best treatment for heartworm is prevention! There are several great products available through your veterinarian, many of which also work on fleas and other internal parasites. If travelling to a heartworm area, it is recommended to treat your dog with a monthly preventative such as Revolution or Advantage Multi (administered topically) or orally with Interceptor. It is also recommended to do a follow-up treatment within 30 days of returning from a heartworm prevalent area.

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