PennHIP Testing

At Van Isle Veterinary Hospital, we are thrilled to now offer PennHIP testing with a certified PennHIP veterinarian and technician.

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What is PennHIP testing?

PennHIP testing is an effective hip screening tool for dogs. It provides a prediction of the animal’s risk of developing osteoarthritis (OA) or canine hip dysplasia (CHD) later in life. With this information, the PennHIP-trained veterinarian can recommend preventive and palliative strategies.

How and when is PennHIP testing done?

PennHIP testing is a diagnostic radiographic technique consisting of 3 radiographs. It is accurate in puppies as young as 16 weeks of age. All dogs can benefit from PennHIP testing. For breeding dogs, early detection of at-risk hips can allow the breeder to make early, informed decisions as to which dogs to keep in breeding programs. For companion pets found to be at risk of developing hip OA, early intervention can help prevent or lessen the severity of CHD. For working and service dogs, identifying a dog with healthy hips can extend the working life of the dog. Any dog breed can be tested and there are no restrictions regarding heat cycle for females.

What should I expect when I bring my pet for PennHIP testing?

PennHIP is performed only by certified PennHIP veterinarians who have undergone specific training. To obtain diagnostic radiographs, it is important that the patient is completely relaxed. For the comfort and safety of the animal, this requires general anesthesia. Therefore, patients are admitted to the clinic for 3-5 hours and require fasting prior. It is not a painful procedure. However, patients receive a pre-emptive injection of a pain/anti-inflammatory medication. Once recovered, they can safely return home without restrictions.
Don’t hesitate to contact our team if you have questions or would like to schedule your pet for PennHIP testing.