Tracker – The Little Fish That Could

It was with great sadness that we said goodbye to our Tracker on Tuesday, Jan 23rd. After recently being treated for an on-going condition and 11 years of a happy-go-lucky life, he is now at rest.

Tracker was no ordinary fish! The staff at Van Isle Veterinary Hospital always knew he was special. But we didn’t realize just how special he was until we received an overwhelming amount of support, condolences and shared experiences with our clients and the pet lovers of the Comox Valley on our Facebook page.

Since his passing, our days have been filled with clients asking upon check-in, “Where is Tracker?!”, followed up with their fond memories of him. This little fish was a charmer, and he knew it. He loved children! As soon as Tracker would see the kids come through the door, he would perk up, swim over, and do his little fishy dance to grab their attention; begging for a game of following the leader. Tracker also had a way of calming and caring for our clients while they sometimes anxiously awaited their appointments and even played with the dogs who were curious enough to interact with him.

Tracker and His Friends

A favourite time for our staff was always first thing in the morning when we would be greeted by Tracker eagerly awaiting a quick “follow-me” game, some kisses and of course his breakfast! No matter how your day started out… Tracker had a way of making it better! Who knew such a little fish would touch our hearts and bring joy to so many. He will be a pretty big blank to fill. Thank you for the memories Tracker, swim on little guy.

Written by Candice Pacholuk, Practice Manager