Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Halloween is fast approaching which brings along a time of excitement, ghoulish customs, creepy-crawly decorations and festive fireworks! Although Halloween is thought of as a children’s holiday, it is just as important to think about our pets and ensure they have a safe, happy and fun night as well.

  1. Keep pets inside! While the streets are filled with ghosts and goblins, it is always best to keep your pets tucked up, safe inside.
  2. Find a quiet place. With the ever-ringing doorbell and opportunity for escape, find a quiet bedroom or basement your pet can safely retreat to until the excitement is over.
  3. If your pet enjoys the festivities and you want to show off their fabulous costume, make sure to keep it light and comfortable. Avoid anything that makes a loud noise when they walk or that they could chew, swallow or get tangled up in.
  4. What about all that Candy? Chocolate and other candy can be toxic to your pet. Ingestion can be quite serious. Always keep your Halloween treats stored up and out of your pet’s reach.
  5. Oh, those Jack-o-lanterns… Use LED lights or keep candles out of reach from those curious canines or frisky felines who can get burnt by an open flame or hot wax.

With these few tips in mind,  you can stay safe and have fun with your pet. Happy Halloween!

Written by Van Isle Veterinary Hosptial