Tracker; Clinic Pet Fish!

Have you ever had that feeling you’re being watched? If you’ve been into the reception area here at Van Isle Veterinary Hospital, then you’ve probably experienced just that! If you haven’t already, next time you are in, stop and say hello to Tracker, our big orange fish, who will be watching you intently from his beautiful tank.  Don’t be shy – he loves the attention and will even follow you as you move about the lobby to try and get it!  Tracker loves to meet and interact with everyone who comes in, but particularly loves children. He’s definitely a ham of a fish.

Tracker will do his best to follow your finger, race you to the other side of the tank or generally just show off to get your attention.  He is notoriously curious and loves to see everything that’s going on.

Tracker has quite the cheeky personality as well as far as fish go. He doesn’t like the other fish to get into his space when he’s performing and he finds the two big silver dollar fish quite annoying when he is mid-routine.  He’ll chase them off and start all over again.  His all-time favourite is to come up to the glass and give kisses.

We always know if this big guy’s breakfast is late!  As soon as we open the doors and turn on the lights, he will make eye contact and hold his position until you get the hint.

Tracker is a Blood Parrot Cichlid, which is an oddball type of man-made hybrid.  This species was first created in Taiwan around 1986 from the Midas and the Redhead Cichlid.  Adult fish like Tracker can grow to a length of 8 inches (20cm) and can reach ages of between 10 and 15 years. Tracker was born in 2008 and was donated to the hospital when he outgrew his owner’s tank and has become a pretty special, loved member of our Van Isle Family.

fish tank

Update: It was with great sadness that we said goodbye to our Tracker on Tuesday, Jan 23rd, 2018. After recently being treated for an on-going condition and 11 years of a happy-go-lucky life, he is now at rest.

Written by Van Isle Veterinary Hospital